Our Culture
We value integrity and loyalty above all.

Be mentored by the best in the industry

We believe in continually trying to improve ourselves as people and professionals.

Our mentoring program is open to all levels of the business and focusses on sharing knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives.

We’re focused on improving community outcomes.

Our partnerships include:

  • Cleaning up the beach for Sustainable Coastlines
  • Supporting the Auckland Blues youth teams through workplace opportunities, mentoring and sponsorship
  • As a Mates In Construction partner, we’re helping to reduce the high rates of suicide in construction workers
  • We are a corporate supporter of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
  • Explore our Community news to learn more.

Rewarding success and building team spirit

At GN Construction we believe in rewarding hard work and celebrating our triumphs. We encourage group activities focussed around health and enjoying the great outdoors. During the year, our team and clients can expect us to host an exciting range of sporting events, charity fundraisers and social events.