Partnerships Building better with The Blues

Ganellen is proud to announce our sponsorship of The Blues Super Rugby.

As a business we believe in developing in-house potential with strong support, coaching and mentorship.

Our values and vision are aligned. Like The Blues, our goal is to cultivate an environment of success and high-performance amongst our team for the greater good of the community.

Looking beyond 2020

With a focus on building The Blues of tomorrow, we will become the official ‘Blues High Performance Programme’ partner of the U’17, U’18s and U’20 squads.

In tandem, Ganellen will be offering scholarship opportunities to local talent, and seeking more ways to support grass-roots rugby in Auckland, Northland and North Harbour.

I’ve loved rugby all my life, and the Blues have been my team since moving to Auckland. It’s a privilege to be involved in their future success.

Mitch Blunden, Ganellen NZ Director

2+ Year sponsorship deal
230 Locals employed
3 Scholarships on offer

More than just sponsorship

It’s about a deeper level of connection between Ganellen, The Blues, and the local rugby community.

There are similarities between construction and rugby. Both involve working in close-knit teams, discipline, commitment, and taking great pride in what you do. For us, The Blues are the right team to get behind.

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