Diversity & Inclusion

Supporting Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a workforce where everyone feels valued and respected.

At GN Construction, we are focused on improving community outcomes by creating a positive and inclusive culture that supports the development of our workforce through diversity and engagement with the community in which we operate. We currently have a diverse range of nationalities in our team, with 37% being of non-European heritage.

Equal Opportunity

We are proud to have employees that represent the societal diversity of our community including culture, ethnicity, and gender. We have not achieved this through creating metric-based objectives, but through a company culture that is respectful of any person and encourages employment opportunities that reward positive attitude and improving performance.

We have a structured mentoring programme that is open to all levels of the business and focuses on sharing knowledge, experiences, and diverse perspectives. Our recruitment strategy focusses on encouraging and attracting trainee industry professionals whereby we will support candidates through completing their training and provide real world experience in the construction sector. This includes employing summer interns each year to support students in qualifying the practical experience requirements for their selected course.

Diverse Workforce

We believe that doing business with sub-contractors and suppliers that share our values is good for the community. We engage with a diverse range of sub-contractors and do not discriminate against any business directly, or indirectly, because of the identity of their workforce. We have also actively supported many of our sub-contractors who have their own active opportunity programmes including sub-contractors that support recruitment and training of people from Māori and Pasifika backgrounds. Our sub-contractor pre-qualification process takes this into account, and the culture of our site management encourages sub-contractors to include apprentices in the workforce and support their training onsite.

The pillars of our diversity and inclusion initiative are:


Our leadership team recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and has taken on the responsibility of shaping, guiding, encouraging, and supporting initiatives that foster a culture of belonging for all employees.

By prioritising diversity and inclusion, the team 
ensures that everyone’s unique perspectives and experiences are valued and leveraged to drive innovation and success.

A diverse workforce

It is our commitment to ensure that our recruitment and selection processes support our goal of identifying and selecting the best talent from diverse applicant pools.

We will implement integrated strategies and initiatives to enhance the pipeline of minority talent, including women, Māori, and Pasifika, and support the success of all individuals in reaching their full potential.

Workplace culture

We understand the significance of enhancing the capabilities of all our staff to maintain a diverse and inclusive organisation.

To achieve this, we will introduce strategies and practices that empower our managers to promote our inclusive culture. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where diversity and inclusion are integral values, and every employee feels valued.

We recognise the essential role of training and resources in achieving this.


We support our staff in balancing their personal and professional lives by offering flexible work arrangements.
We also promote fair and equal pay practices that do not discriminate based on gender or ethnicity.

Our inclusive culture attracts diverse talent and benefits both our employees and our company.


To advance our diversity and inclusion efforts and ensure effective communication within the organisation, we will form a Diversity Working Group.

Additionally, we will collaborate with external organisations, such as Diversity Works, to promote our initiatives.

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