Crest Apartments


Maidstone Properties


Arch Hill, Auckland, New Zealand




Paul Brown Architects

Year Completed


Sympathetically designed and constructed to blend in with its historic surrounds, Crest takes full advantage of its elevated position.

Comprising 45 apartments and five town houses, the Crest development is situated in a mixed-use zone.

The two distinct building forms strike a harmonious balance between the busy commercial thoroughfare of Great North Road and the single storey residences of the adjacent heritage neighbourhood. This balance was achieved with the construction of a six level apartment building designed to maximise the site’s potential, contrasted with a row of two level terrace houses, which moderated the bulk of the larger block.

In a constrained construction market, GN Construction partnered with Maidstone Properties during negotiations to deliver the project on time and budget to exacting standards.

Working in collaboration from the outset, we were able to achieve better outcomes across the board, realising the architect’s vision and our client’s commercial goals.