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At GN Construction, we know that Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is critical to ensuring a successful construction project. With our ECI service, we use our expertise and knowledge to contribute to the project team from the beginning stages of development.

Our ECI approach allows us to identify potential risks, cost savings, and project efficiencies, which leads to a more streamlined and efficient construction process. We can provide guidance on site selection, materials, construction techniques, and regulatory compliance issues.

We pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative environment that promotes working closely with our clients and the design team. By involving the contractor early in the project, we can establish a shared understanding of the project’s goals, constraints, and challenges. Together, we can develop effective solutions that meet the project’s objectives and ensure a successful outcome.

What is ECI?

ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) is a project delivery method that involves the contractor in the design phase of the project. It enables the contractor to provide valuable input on the constructibility, cost, and scheduling of the project during the design phase.

This early involvement allows for more efficient and effective project delivery, ultimately resulting in a better outcome for the client.

Benefits of ECI

Cost Savings

ECI allows us to identify cost-saving opportunities during the design phase, potentially saving clients significant amounts of money.

Mitigated Risks

ECI enables us to identify and mitigate risks early on in the project, reducing the likelihood of costly delays and issues down the line.

Improved Communication

With all parties involved from the start, communication is improved throughout the project, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Better Quality

By identifying construction issues early on in the design phase, we can ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Improved Project Schedule

Early involvement in the design phase allows us to provide feedback on scheduling, resulting in a more accurate and efficient project schedule.

Enhanced Sustainability

ECI allows input on sustainable design & construction, reducing carbon footprint & promoting a sustainable future.

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