Anderson Lloyd House


Amherst Property


Christchurch, New Zealand



Weirwalker Architecture

Year Completed


Anderson Lloyd House, named for its key tenant, is a premium quality six storey building featuring 5,000 sqm of mixed-use office and retail space.

The striking, square-framed, Cubist-style building replaced two buildings that needed to be demolished after the 2011 Canterbury earthquake. It was the first major development to be approved under new regulations established by the Christchurch Central City Development Unit as a result of the natural disaster. It was also one of the first new office buildings to be rebuilt, leading the revitalisation of Christchurch.

Understandably, the owners wanted the new building to convey a sense of extreme solidity, which the design team achieved by contrasting the typical glazed curtain wall design of high-rise office buildings with a more solid-looking structure. The building design features 4.4m recesses in its upper levels, which create light wells and break up the structure of the building.

Michael Doig says the recesses also perform a structural function, breaking up the eastern elevation. “This enables the building to move more easily in the event of an earthquake,” he says. “As the height of the building increases, there is a need for greater flexibility and ductility.”