Lot 65, Waterloo Business Park




Christchurch, New Zealand



Walker Architecture

Year Completed


Lot 65 forms a part of the Waterloo Business Park, which is at the forefront of commercial property development in Christchurch.

Supporting Waterloo Business Park’s aim to be Christchurch’s premier industrial park, GN Construction was selected for Lot 65 because of our renowned track record of high quality developments across a diverse range of sectors. Lot 65, featuring 13 warehouse units, was designed to enhance Waterloo Business Park’s offering as a large, open area for businesses to call their own, in a location that was easily accessible and combined the best of nature and industry.

The project entailed an early risk transfer on a design and construct contract, based off the client’s massing drawings. Our detailed understanding of the process enabled us to incorporate several client-led changes during design and consenting without extending the project timeframes.