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GN Construction is a proud partner of MATES in Construction

GN Construction are proud to support MATES in Construction, a charity established in 2019 to reduce the high level of suicide among New Zealand construction workers.

MATES provide suicide prevention through community development programmes on sites, and by supporting workers in need through Case Management and a 24/7 helpline.

The programme raises awareness and builds resilience in the construction industry by promoting help seeking and help offering behaviours, we are building the capacity for workers to support and look after each other. If you or a mate needs help you can call MATES on their helpline 0800 111 315 and visit their website

The amazing team at MATES also gave our team toolbox talks across all three sites in Auckland to educate what to look out for and help start the conversation about suicide prevention. Mates helping mates.

In September we also supported the annual Fly the Flag week to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention in the construction industry.